Friday, February 10, 2012

So Ecopolitan

Dinner out on the Engine 2 28-day challenge! My fiance surprised me by suggesting we grab dinner tonight at Ecopolitan, a 100% organic, raw vegan restaurant. Let me guess, you're skeptical. I was too after trying some "live" falafel at an environmental fair years ago; however, I'm a complete convert.

Tonight, I ordered the Chef Surprise sans oil and light with the salt because I like surprises and if I was a chef I'd like the opportunity to be creative. I was very happy with the results: raw tostadas! The tostadas were loaded with red cabbage, red and yellow bell peppers, basil, avocado, hot sauce and some tasty cumin guacamole spread with a side of salsa and alfalfa sprouts.

The shell itself was like a sprouted flax cracker that is dehydrated at below 105 degrees rather than cooked. Sprouting is said to make the nutrients in the food more easy to absorb in your body. By dehydrating rather than cooking, raw foods are said to balance the acidity and chemicals created by cooking.

I'm not ready to give up hot food, but I've really liked the raw foods I've tried so far. Anyone want to road trip to Oklahoma City to try out this fine dining raw food experience?

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