Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Do or donut?

With only six days left in my Engine 2 28-day challenge, I'm starting to wonder what my eating habits will look like without the challenge. Will I stop myself from grabbing the samples of brownies, cheese or salted, oil-fried tortilla chip and guacamole as I walk through the grocery store? Will I choose those extra 10 minutes in bed over fixing a healthy breakfast like I did before? What will be the food that breaks the challenge ( I mean it has to be something really worth it, doesn't it?)?

The big question is: can there be a middle ground in my eating habits? Willpower is not my strong suit. Once I eat that pastry, what is going to stop me from eating the next one...the next day? The premise with the challenge is that if you stick it out (like I have) for the full challenge your taste buds will change and those foods will start to taste oily, salty or fatty instead of tasty. I guess I don't really believe that yet.

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