Thursday, February 23, 2012


It's been about two weeks since I wrapped up the Engine 2 28-day challenge, and I've found myself at a plateau in terms of the health benefits. I'm still eating a largely plant-based diet (I had a lapse into the world of dairy with a rasberry-champagne chocolate bar on clearance at the Co-op.) I've even made some great Engine 2 approved foods, including potato-kale enchiladas with no oil or salt. My exercise is still a little lackluster (minus a 20 mile bike ride, I've been a bit of a couch potato), so maybe that's one way to kickstart my body again?

What is it about the end of the work day that makes me want to go home and vegetate with my cat rather than hit the treadmill? I mean he is a very charming couch potato buddy.

But, I have an expensive gym membership that I haven't used in months, and I know when I workout I feel better. I just make the choice at the end of the day to go home and relax because I can always exercise tomorrow. Yet, tomorrow rarely seems to come. So, I'm issuing myself an exercise 28-day challenge, starting today (through March 22nd), at least 30 minutes each day. Walking, biking, dancing like a fool, whatever gets me moving. I just need to get off the couch (so does Bubs.)

Hmm, not exactly what I had in mind, Bubs.

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