Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bike, Eat, Repeat

What a day! A beautiful February Sunday turned into a day long 20 mile bike ride around the city with my fiance. We decided to bike 6 miles to Seward Community Cafe for lunch because the weather was gorgeous and their food is scrumptious.  I got my favorite: the mariachi. It's a whole wheat tortilla stuffed with mushrooms, onions, bell peppers and tofu and topped with ranchero sauce and green onions. It's so tasty!

At lunch, I remembered I had afternoon plans in South Minneapolis (another 6 miles). So with plenty of time, we decided to continue the ride taking the Midtown Greenway before cutting through the city south to Royal Grounds. I was excited to see they carry Pacific Natural Food's barista blend soy milks which are AWESOME (it seems creamier, frothier and no aftertaste.) After catching up with some friends from grad school, my fiance and I decided to take the Minnehaha Parkway to Highland Park. Since we had been biking, eating or talking for over 5 hours, it was time for dinner and Chipotle sounded just right. I got the vegetarian salad sans the dressing with some brown rice, fajitas, black beans, mild tomato salsa and medium corn salsa, cholula hot sauce and guacamole.

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