Thursday, February 9, 2012

Break Fast

I didn't realize how much I enjoyed taking time to prepare really tasty food on this challenge until this week's hectic schedule made that pretty darn near impossible. If you're strictly following the Engine 2 28-day challenge, you've got to either take time or prep in advance. I did neither this week, but survived. Here's how:

Challenge: 30 minutes between getting home from work and needing to leave for my precinct caucus.
Solution: Veggie pizza with leftover ancho taco lentils

Challenge: No time between work and a legislative forum (they had food, just not E2 food).
Solution: Snack of pita and peanut butter that I have in my office (and fresh veggies from the forum's buffet) and my fiance's pasta when I got home.

Challenge: Out every night this week = no time to cook meals with leftovers for lunch.
Solution: Hummus, fresh veggies, and pita

Challenge: Woke up late and can't miss the bus!
Solution: Stop at the coop grocery story by my office and pick up whatever I can find that fits the challenge (this is much easier to do at a coop, Whole Foods or a natural/health store than say Target, but you can find something anywhere (even a gas station!))

When you don't have time to make the good stuff yourself where you know what's in it, you've got to read the label. Not the front of the label, but the back. Look at the ingredients list and look at the full nutrition facts (not the %, but the grams.) Not sure what you're looking for? Whole Foods offers a great guide for the Engine 2 challenge.

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