Friday, February 17, 2012

Night Out

We had dinner at Tanpopo, a Japanese noodle shop in St. Paul, tonight. We're quickly making up for lost nights out during the Engine 2 challenge. I am definitely stuffed. We ordered the spinach appetizer and a broiled tofu with sesame dressing.

I ordered the kimchi udon soup without the beef and substituting the vegetarian mushroom broth. I find it kind of frustrating when I make an order that gets rid of meat, usually the most costly element of a dish, and get charged an additional fee for the vegetarian broth. I understand having to pay more for substitutes, but shouldn't you also have to pay less for substituting out something like meat? I appreciate that about Thai, Chinese and Mexican restaurant menus where they have the dish priced according to the protein you order.  Regardless, I really enjoyed the kimchi (usually a Korean dish of fermented vegetables (often cabbage)), tofu, spinach, scallions and cloud-like udons in this plant-based dish.

I've noticed a couple of changes nearly a week after the challenge has ended.  First, I'm eating more calories now, but less food. Second, the oil on dishes still have a strange mouthfeel and prepared foods still taste really salty. I also find myself really craving fresh vegetables and fruits after eating something heavier. Now that I'm still eating largely a plant-based or vegan diet, one benefit is my fiance and I can share dishes.

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