Sunday, February 12, 2012

Flying High

I survived the Engine 2 28-day challenge! I more than survived; actually, I thrived. This challenge has forced me to take more ownership over what I eat and plan ahead. I didn't think I could do it initially because I had all these excuses about being too busy and having cravings for sugar, fat, etc. The truth is it really wasn't that hard because I surrounded myself with the right choices and I didn't deny myself I just chose different foods when I was hungry or craving something. Instead of eating fattening desserts, I made heated apple sauce with cinnamon topped with crunchy cereal and walnuts or picked up a health starts here life by chocolate (so good!) cake. Rather than blow $10 on lunch each day where my choices were loaded with oils and salt, I saved over $200 and packed lunches ranging from hummus sandwiches to an awesome sweet potato bowl.

I know, I know. What you really want to know is... so what came of all this. Well, here's the stats:

- Lost 16 lbs (wowza!)
- Blood pressure down at least 6 points and solidly in the "normal" category.
- Over a dozen new recipes tried
- No more caffeine, but energy is still high.
- No more swollen ankles (ewww)
- 26 blog posts
- 3 meet ups, 1 pizza party and one Slow Cooker plant-based recipes class.
- 2 dinner parties that stuck to the rules, but kept the non-E2 challenge guests happy

These are preliminary and I should have more health stats in the next few weeks when I go back for my post-challenge results. Until then, all I can say is sometimes it's good to do something you didn't think you could do.

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