Monday, October 22, 2012

Vegan on the road - work trips

Tips for Work Trips:

1) Plan to stock the office or lodging with carrots, hummus, peanut butter, jelly, multigrain bread, bananas (don't let them spoil and attract fruit flies or you will be uninvited from staff outings), and make it so you can't possibly be stranded without at least basic good food. It's not good news to be away from home, working long hours and hungry.

2) Scope out your environs. Guides like are great for finding gems and just plain options when you're unfamiliar with your surroundings. Have fun on those brief breaks.

3) Tried and True. You're not going to want to blog about it, but you can get vegan meals at fast food chains.  Don't trust me, see what PETA's saying about fast food chains.  If you're near a Whole Foods Market they'll have prepared vegan options too.

4) Be friendly. There's a lot of buzz around vegetarian and vegan lifestyles these days and a lot of people who were maybe not before are now considering or taking part in this lifestyle (myself included). Before you get to hunger or real food desperation, ask people if they know of a place and see where that takes you :)

Earlier this year, I did the Engine 2 challenge which includes no-oil, low-salt vegan foods during a road trip.

Because I'm on the road, and my photo of dinner really didn't turn out. I'm substituting my adorable cat, Bubs, who I miss, along with my fiance.

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  1. Great tips! I posted some tips earlier this week, too - we can never have too many tips!

    I shared this post on my weekly MoFo round-up today!