Sunday, January 22, 2012

Engine 2 Road Trip

I am traveling for work this week. I am fortunate it's a road trip, so I can easily pack an Engine 2 cooler of meals to avoid temptation while on the go. It does beg the question of how to manage this lifestyle when I can't bring a cooler or won't have access to a grocery store. I think the secret is planning ahead (the cooler is very full so if I'm hungry it's as easy to eat something from it as to stop at a gas station) and doing the best you can. If I couldn't pack a cooler, maybe pack some easy to carry items that would cut down on the amount of negotiating of local restaurants or stores I would have to do.  Trail mix is an easy, filling thing to pack on the go, but most nuts and even raisins are roasted/dried in oil in the mixes I was finding at the store. The solution: make my own (and request my grocery store start carrying an oil and salt-free trail mix blend. See the creation (and ingredient list) below.

My Engine 2 Cooler (covers 2 full days of meals):

1 box uncle sams cereal
1 carton rice milk
6 pack of kiwis
3 blood oranges
1 lb of red grapes
4 whole wheat, low sodium pitas
1 carton of roasted red pepper hummus
1 gallon bag of sliced veggies (green peppers, carrots, spinach, a whole tomato)
1 edamame asian slaw salad with no added oil peanut dressing (prepackaged from Whole Foods)
leftover whole wheat macaroni and "not cheese" 
travel size bottle of cholula
My own travel mix (roasted oil and salt free nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans, cashews), dried fruit (apricots, raisins, cherries, mangoes and goji berries), and raw pumpkin seeds.

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