Sunday, October 28, 2012


I hit the ground running and the weekend mornings have been a nice respite from work. On Saturday, we checked out Eastern Market which features everything imaginable from locally prepared kimchi to fresh pineapples. I had the most fun looking at the local Detroit farms and craftsman. There was a school teacher who sold mesclun lettuce mixes and the stand served as both a classroom in growing your own food and business and a booming business in a busy marketplace. With the colder months settling in, the prevalence of pickles was noted with saurkraut, pickled beets, green beans, you name it and someone pickled it. Raw food, vegan food, fresh veggies, baked goods, this place was bustling and making my mouth water. Having to keep it rather simple because I was going in to the office, I opted for the heavy garlic hummus from a stand offering several different flavors of hummus. This was truth in advertising :)

Sunday morning, I woke up late and my host had the idea to make a hash for brunch. To waken up the senses and my sleepy mind, we had some green smoothie which was a refreshing and zippy blend of pineapple, grapes and spinach. Yum!

For the hash, she combined sweet potatoes, fingerling potatoes, onions, garlic and bell peppers. I never think to use it but she added in and quick sauted some fennel seeds when the veggies were about done which led a great aroma and flavor to the dish. She also used a mix of shortening and olive oil to help crisp up the vegetables. At Eastern Market, we stopped at a stand that sells sunflower and pea shoots that they transport by bike to the market. Those pea shoots were a fresh note of sweetness on top of the hash this morning.

Woot! Woot! I did it! This is my 20th blog entry in the month of October for Vegan Month of Food. Yes!

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