Sunday, October 28, 2012

Preparing for a Storm

My work trip schedule is pretty packed. Today I had about 8 hours of work commitments and the rest of the week promises to be late nights, so I need to plan ahead. Thanks to the help of my host we have some meal ideas in the queue. She's got a big bowl of rice and veggies salad recipe that is light and fresh and easy to grab and go. Multi-color peppers, onions and celery mingled with kidney and navy beans. This is one of those prepare on Sunday and have lunch through Wednesday kind of dishes that travels well. Perfect!

Recipe (via my host):
2 C Brown Rice Cooked
mix the following and pour over warm rice:
1/2 C olive oil  ( I usually don't use this much)
1/4 red wine vinegar
1t salt
1 t pepper
1t sugar
1/4t dry mustard
1/4t cayenne pepper
1/4t garlic powder
Add 1 can kidney beans
1/4C peppers chopped, colors of your choice (I usually add more)
1/2C red onion, chopped
6 green onions chopped
2T chopped parsley
1T chopped tarragon
1C chopped celery

Tip from my Tal Ronnen (via my host): To create a non-stick effect in your frying pan, heat it up, then add salt followed by oil and the ingredients you're sauteing.

Be safe East Coasters!

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