Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cool Hand Cuke

Well, I'm officially in Michigan "surviving on the road", but I have a secret. I lucked out and got a gourmet cook with vegan knowledge as my host. Seriously, what are the chances? I explained to her my predicament about working insanely long hours and wanting to meet my Vegan MoFo challenge of posting 20 blogs in the month of October, and she's helping make it happen. I definitely have to pay this forward.

Tonight, I got back to her place with a lukewarm bag of Taco Bell (they have some vegan stuff). She came to the rescue before I even unpacked the food, by presenting this little gem of a side dish (and by far my favorite part of tonight's dinner.) 

It was simple; yet refined... and made my taco bell purchase weep. This Persian Cucumber Salad is made with sweet vidalia onions, lemon juice, olive oil, plum white balsamic vinegar, himalayan pink salt and black pepper. The name comes from the type of cucumbers used. Apparently, Persian cucumbers are prized for the "trifecta of qualities" defined by Speciality Produce as: 1) smooth, perfectly textured thin skin; 2) crisp, sweet and succulent flesh devoid of developed seeds and 3) they're able to stay cooler than the average cuke. Get this, according to Speciality Produce, their flesh can be 20 degrees cooler than their skin. That's one cool hand cuke (yes, I get punny when I'm sleepy.)

On Saturday, we're going to check out Detroit's Eastern Market where apparently as many as 40,000 people gather to peruse 250 local food vendors selling everything from mushrooms to homemade jams and maple syrup. Then after I put in a few hours at the office, I'm hoping to catch up with a friend to check out Detroit's halloween weekend scene.

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