Monday, January 30, 2012

Food Fast

It's Day 14, aka I'm half way there on my Engine 2 28-day challenge! Did you know that the average American only spends 27 minutes a day cooking and have about 10 meals in our typical "things we make" rotation? Tonight, Whole Foods Market St. Paul hosted the 3rd meet up for our Engine 2 challenge with the focus on how to make healthy, nutrient dense meals on the fly. My favorite tip was to saute your onion, carrots and celery in advance and refrigerate or freeze for later use.

Speaking of not spending a lot of time cooking and eating on the fly, I grabbed dinner at Whole Foods before the meet up. I'll admit I was nervous about trying "mock tuna" wrap with olives and red pepper tapanade and fresh veggies. The "mock tuna" is really nuts (you can use chickpeas too), kelp granules and spices. It was super tasty, I'm going to get it again and maybe experiment with making my own.

Another thing I'm loving from Whole Foods right now is the sesame ginger dressing which is oil free, but super tasty! Part of the fun of this challenge is getting outside my standard rotation of meals and experimenting with some new things. So far, I've learned that I like puffed millet cereal, love vegan home-made pizzas and lasagnas and can chow down on raw cabbage or oven roasted kale and broccoli.

What new things are you finding you like?

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