Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome to Day 1 of my 28-day Engine 2 challenge. My fiance kindly brought me breakfast in bed (I could get used to this!) which consisted of lemon cornmeal pancakes, maple syrup and kiwi...oh the challenge!

Now mind you, this is much healthier than my usual breakfast of a scone, muffin, or some other pastry and fancy chocolate, pumpkin or chai-flavored coffee drink (lately with soy milk.)

The pea soup for lunch was more what I expected when I signed up for the challenge.

I made dinner which consisted of a romaine and radish salad with Whole Foods' Health Starts Here oil-free tangerine vinaigrette and a vegan whole wheat macaroni and "cheese" with peas (very similar to an old standby from childhood tuna mac and cheese with peas.)

Add an apple, slice of whole wheat bread and a carrot stick and that sums up my 1st day on the challenge. Not suffering too much :)

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