Friday, January 13, 2012

Flyover these Vegetables, New York!

Oh, no they didn't! On the latest "Dining with Dara" on MPR, the topic was a New York Times writer's slight of the entire Midwest as being devoid of vegetarian options. How dare they! I had really hoped that 2012 was going to be the year that the "flyover states" attitude changed from our East Coast brethern. I mean, seriously, if you've been to Minneapolis-St. Paul or Chicago you know that's a crock (insert crockpot pun here.)

In fact, you can find tasty vegetarian (and possibly vegan) options at 582 locations all over Minnesota according to the Vegguide, a super handy tool for finding vegetarian and vegan friendly restaraunts anywhere.

And another thing! Dara took them to task by focusing on a couple of local foods restaurants with great vegetarian options proving we didn't need to outsource for our veggies in the winter. I am going to take that a step farther and introduce you to my little bright light in a relatively lackluster winter:

This is my week three haul of veggies from Rushford, MN-based Featherstone Farms' Winter Vegetables CSA share. So when I don't feel like going out to one of the 500+ vegetarian friendly establishments in Minnesota for nourishment, I can stay at home and cook up a piping hot, local veggie dish all my own.

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