Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 3: Headache and Hunger Subsiding?

You may have thought from my cheerful first two blogs on the Engine 2 challenge that the world was all roses and buttercups. Alas, it was not. I gave up coffee drinks and soda as part of the challenge too, and let's just say my body was putting up a bit of a fight on the road to healthier eating. Day 1 was fine (I think my body wasn't quite in on the plan yet), but Day 2 saw me like a head-throbbing, stomach growling zombie. I would have been scary, but because I was drowsy I mostly seemed slightly miserable. Turns out it's pretty normal to feel these things as your body adjusts and the feelings will subside.

Well, it's day 3 and I'm not sure if it was the piping hot decaf earl grey soy milk latte that tricked my body or the caffeine withdrawal is already over, but I'm feeling good. Now to heat up some leftover mac and not cheese (recipe here but so much better with pepper and cholula hot sauce) for lunch:

(In solidarity with the protests of  SOPA, the stop online piracy act.)

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