Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's missing?

Day 18 of my second Engine 2 28-day challenge has me thinking about moderation and acceptance. This time around because it's not new I keep thinking "oh it won't be so bad if I don't follow the rules exactly." The only thing that keeps me honest is not wanting to feel like a fraud at the Monday check ins at Whole Foods Market. The challenge is I want to have more flexibility in my food choices and I miss the social aspects of eating out with friends. It's really too bad that eating this way is seen by many as weird or extreme. The food is good: nutritious and tasty. People can't believe what eating without oil would be like. A friend at work asked if I ate all my food steamed.

Walking to the bus this morning I thought how nice it would be to go to a restaurant and everything on the menu met the Engine 2 guidelines but was still luscious and delicious. Whole grain baguette with various oil-free spreads (like olive tapenade, hummus, roasted garlic white bean puree) served with microgreens, vegetable bites, etc. Tacos, pastas, salads, soups...really there are endless possibilities. Somewhere I could go with friends and enjoy a dinner where the focus was about good food not about what was missing from the meal.

Anyway, dinner tonight is on my own. I just heated up a Sunshine falafel burger with all the toppings on toasted Ezekiel bread.

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