Thursday, April 12, 2012

Whole-y Delicious!

My second 28-day Engine 2 challenge ended on Saturday. I have to say I wasn't nearly as fastidious as I was on the first challenge...maybe because I already knew I could do it. Perhaps as a result, this time around I didn't see nearly as good of results. I did, however, still see results. I lost another 5 pounds!

I am extremely grateful to Whole Foods Market for committing to be America's Healthiest Grocery Store and offering healthy food options and support, like the Engine 2 or (for those of you tried and true meat eaters) Health Starts Here challenges. Without their support and stores, I would have a much harder time eating healthy. When I go into other stores, I'm inundated by the foods in commercials that offer little to no nutritional value, but appeal to flavors (salt, fat, sugar) that trigger us to eat and appeals to feelings (families eat kraft mac and cheese, treat yourself with chocolate.) Don't get me wrong, Whole Foods sells high fat, salty sugary foods too. They're just less prominent (unless it's Super Bowl weekend.)

My gratitude leaped and bound this week when on a visit to our St. Paul Whole Foods I discovered several shelves of prepared Engine 2 approved, Health Starts Here meals to go! I'm a working profressional who likes to cook occasionally. Eating this way often requires significantly more prep and cooking time than how I ate before. Some of that's good and I've enjoyed sharing recipes and making new meals; however, sometimes I want something more grab and go that isn't a cold veggie and grain salad or a wrap. Well, Whole Foods has answered with several prepared options: black bean enchiladas, sweet potato lasagna, whole wheat tofu ricotta stuffed shells, quesadilla dinner, chinese takeout box and one of my favorites latin corn soup! They're about $8 each, but the enchiladas (only one I've tried so far) easily served 2.

Whole Foods has also upped its game in offering vegan, oil free options on their hot foods bar. During a recent visit I enjoyed a salsa verde enchilada with a side salad, some lime cilantro quinoa, and fresh pineapple for dessert for about $8 with a sparkling water.

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