Sunday, April 1, 2012

Salty Dog

A friend of mine commented this weekend that his family wants to eat more like the Engine 2 challenge; however, when they made the sweet potato bowl it tasted bland. The recipe has no salt or salt replacement in it, so if you're used to using salt the food might not "pop" like you want. According to the Mayo Clinic, you can retrain your taste buds to like food with less salt. It just takes time, and during that process you should push to reduce the salt, but not to the point that you don't enjoy the food. You won't stick with it if you don't like it.

Engine 2 approved salt substitutes:

  • Low sodium Tamari or soy sauce 
  • Rinsed olives
  • Bragg's Liquid Aminos - It's not lower sodium than low sodium tamari as some claim, they "trick" people by having a different serving size. 
  • Substitute fresh herbs, herb blends, citrus zest
For dinner tonight, I made a potato hash with onions, black olives, tofurky's tempeh bacon, spinach and garlic sauteed in a non-stick pan with some low sodium veggie broth to collect the browned goodness from the pan. Yummy!

And if you haven't seen this video "When 'fat free' really means 100% fat", you really should watch it.

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