Saturday, April 7, 2012

Honee, I shrunk the bees!

I'm a sucker for supporting Minnesota-made products, so imagine my delight when I met the creator of a "bee free" honey alternative made in Minnesota. My fiance and I checked out the Extraveganza at the Minnetonka Whole Foods last weekend and met the creator of "Honee", an apple-based honey alternative, and got to sample this stuff. It's good.

The creator made the recipe by accident when experimenting with an apple jelly recipe, but inspired by the decline of the bee population she turned that accident into an alternative to bee honey. Now, I grant you, this isn't really a "bee free" product since we wouldn't enjoy apples (or really most fruits) without their pollination help. But the point she makes is valid and most importantly the product is good.

Here's the honee on a slice of toast with peanut butter. I much prefer this to agave nectar which too me is way too sweet and lacks the tang of tasty honey. 

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