Sunday, September 8, 2013

Try not to be cheesy

My fiance and I were invited to attend the VIP welcome reception for Tofurky's 1st annual Tofurkyfest and new manufacturing center's dedication as part of a prize package he won. The advertised Lewis and Clark historical keynote worried me, but the free drink ticket and opportunity to meet the people who make my favorite vegan deli slices won out. Wow, am I glad it did!

The talk was actually really entertaining and informative. The host with the most, Tofurky founder Seth Tibbot, was extremely gracious and friendly. But seriously, have you ever seen the slow motion focus scene in high school movies when boy meets girl and all of a sudden they are the only two people in the universe? That was me and Miyoko Schinner's artisan vegan cheese platter. A ginormous platter of over a dozen fancy cheeses by the author of Artisan Vegan Cheese!

Bom Chicka Bom Bom.... Vegan Artisan Cheese Platter by Miyoko Schinner

I struggle with giving up cheese, not the processed pizza or sandwich cheese, but the complex nutty hard cheeses and lusciously creamy triple creams and bries. Here they were in their full glory and vegan! I have never tasted vegan cheese this good and dare someone to say they could tell the herbed double cream and smoked gouda wasn't "real" cheese.

You can't buy Miyoko's cheese in stores yet (at least not in Minnesota), so now that I knew just how good they are I needed to conquer my fear of fermentation and become a maker of vegan cheese. Thankfully, Miyoko was offering two classes the next day at Tofurkyfest where I could learn from and ask questions of the master herself.

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