Thursday, September 12, 2013

From tempeh to tofurky and beyond

When we were in Oregon to visit my fiance's family this summer, I noticed the average grocery store carried more Tofurky deli slice options than I've seen anywhere here in Minnesota. I didn't even know tofurky offered "roast beef" and "italian" slices. That was just the tip of the iceberg. It turns out Turtle Island Foods was started as a tempeh operation by founder Seth Tibbott, and they have way more than the "smoky maple bacon" sliced tempeh I love. 

In fact, Turtle Island Foods (aka Tofurky) is expanding even more, so much so that they built a new super efficient and environmentally friendly LEED platinum manufacturing facility within sight of their original plant in Hood River, Oregon. My fiance and I were fortunate enough to get to tour the plant and partake in the festivities of the 1st annual Tofurkyfest this past weekend.

400 solar panels on the roof of Tofurky's LEED platinum manufacturing center. 

In addition to building a new manufacturing facility, Tofurky is expanding its product line to offer artisan sausages like cajun andouille, spinach pesto and my favorite chick'n & apple; as well as, quiche, pocket sandwiches and pot pies.

Tofurky Sausage and Veggie "quiche"
My favorite of the new offerings was the tofurky pot pie which was really flavorful with lots of veggies and a great sauce. The sausage and veggie quiche and the pepperoni and cheese pockets tied for second. While others raved, I've never really liked the cheddar/broccoli combo, so that was my least favorite of the new offerings. All in all, I really hope we start carrying more of Tofurky's products here in Minnesota soon!

Tofurky, Broccoli and Cheddar Pocket


  1. Oh you lucky duck! I am envious of all the folks who got to go to the Tofurkey party!! I have to say, I love all their products so much. I didn't know they had quiches - I hope to see them around here ( and I hope you get them too! )

  2. Yeah, we really were lucky!It doesn't hurt to leave a comment at your grocery store requesting the products. I'm giving that a try at two places I shop regularly. Wish me luck (again)!