Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hey Lil Pepperoni

Usually dinners with your colleagues can be hit or miss, especially after a long day of hashing out world changing work strategies and whatnot. I luck out because I have pretty cool colleagues, so I have a higher likelihood than most of having a good time at a work dinner.

In addition to coerced social interactions with your colleagues, the other way work dinners can go awry is in appeasing varied dietary restrictions and preferences. Nothing says awkward/frustrating like being the vegetarian/vegan at the steakhouse with your boss. Again, my place of employment comes through with flying colors by opting for Busboys and Poets which had something for everyone on its menu.

I'm a big fan of calzones. Monstrous pizzas folded in half with the sauce on the side (more room for the toppings!) So, imagine my delight when I saw a vegan calzone on the Busboys and Poets menu. This one featured a whole wheat crust (oh, aren't I healthy :) ), onions, red and green peppers, mushrooms, vegan cheese and vegan pepperoni. I've never had vegan pepperoni, so despite the many other tasty looking options, my mind was made up. 

The calzone was fun, not revolutionary, but that's what you give up by being a place that caters to everyone is you probably won't knock the socks off anyone. That said, if you're eating with people with varied dietary restrictions/preferences or people who are going out as much for the company as the food, Busboys and Poets is a great choice in the DC area. One thing the vegans out there will appreciate is both the online and in-house menus clearly identify the multiple vegan options available.

Oh, and hilarious coworker conversation starter? Ask about the most unique tradition on their thanksgiving spread....just get on top of changing topics when disgusting gets substituted for unique or things can turn quickly. :) 

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