Saturday, July 28, 2012

Eating plants on the road

This weekend, we went on road trip to the Pipestone National Monument in Southwestern Minnesota. This is hearty meat and potato country as the lack of listings on both vegguide and happycow confirmed.  Both sites have been meal-savers on the road by highlighting vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants with helpful reviews.

Turns out we didn't need to search far at all. Right next to our hotel was a Pizza Ranch where a prairie pie (veggie galore) with spinach and tomato slices sans cheese is vegan and tasty. The salad bar was your typical heavy on the prepared mayo/dairy items and light on the fresh veggies, yet I was still able to get an iceberg lettuce, fresh mushroom, radish and cucumber salad with sunflower seeds and french dressing.

In addition to a satisfying plant-based meal, we enjoyed the friendly staff who gave us a tip to check out Jeffer's pytroglyphs on our trip home.

On the road, we did some online research and made some calls finding out that Granite Grinder and Cafe in Granite Falls, MN offered veggie sandwiches and salads. They were nice enough to let us check the packaging to learn the tomato basil and spinach wraps were both vegan which they loaded full of veggies. The Neumann's Own light French and Italian dressing packets were both options to bump up the flavor. Added bonus they have soymilk for your coffee pleasures.

It's worth it to have to hustle and research when you get to hike and explore something as beautiful as this.

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