Sunday, November 3, 2013

Part II: Feasting on Bulgogi and Bibimbap

This is part two on my Epic Korean Feast adventure. You can read part one which talks about prepping the individual ingredients used in Vegan Eats World's Sizzling rice with veggies and chili sauce (dolsot bibimbap) and Sweet Soy BBQ (bulgogi.) I made these dishes this weekend as part of a cookbook review project I'm excited to be doing for Compassionate Action for Animals

Sizzling rice and veggies with chili sauce (pg. 308) and sweet soy BBQ (pg. 249.)  
With the individual components of the dishes prepped last night, I woke up this morning ready to start assembly knowing what came next was...devouring! First things first was to finish the prep, so I cooked up a batch of sushi rice (pg. 299) and chopped scallions for the sesame scallions (pg. 309). Now on to assembly...
Fast lane kimchi (pg 56), gochuchang (pg. 308), seasoned spinach (pg. 309),
sesame bean sprouts (pg. 89), sesame scallions (pg. 309)
Dolsot Bibimbap (aka Sizzling Rice with veggies and chili sauce)

Bibimbap means "mixed rice" and dolsot "stone pot." In restaurants, this dish is served in a hot stone dish that continue to cook the sushi rice so it has a golden crust. Terry Hope Romero in Vegan Eats World suggests using a dutch oven or cast iron pan to create the crust that makes dolsot bibimbap so special. Following her instructions to the letter, the rice turned out perfectly and everyone loved the crunch and toast achieved on the golden crusted rice. 

Half way through browning the rice, you add the sprouts, spinach and bulgogi to the top of the rice to let the flavors start to meld. Then you stir together the rice and veggies, add nori seaweed slices and the sesame scallions and some dollops of a korean chili paste known as gochuchang.

OMG, get in my belly! Dolsot Bibimbap (pg. 308)
Korean Veggie Bulgogi (Sweet Soy BBQ)

Bulgogi means "fire meat", but when you're vegan it means "fire tastiness" that comes from marinading mushrooms, seitan, tofu, tempeh or the vegetables of your choice in the sweet soy barbecue sauce before grilling it over high heat to get a crisp char and savory, sweet juicy taste. You can use this in lettuce wraps or if you're feasting in bibimbap. 
Bulgogi (pg. 249) using grilled king trumpet mushrooms, garlic cloves and 5-spice seitan (pg. 51)
Each prepped element was delicious in its own part and you could imagine sipping beer and lazily munching on them all day long enjoying the unique flavors; however, prepare to make new best friends with your taste buds by piling it all into one bowl for an out of this world meal. One of our guests commented the dish was as good as they've had in a Korean restaurant and they were impressed at how tasty the bulgogi was sans meat. In Vegan Eats World, Terry Hope Romero remarks "Wherever it's eaten, meat remains basically the same. It's the plant foods that transport our senses." I couldn't agree more. 


  1. Bibimbap is my favorite dish! Do you know if the gochuchang you use is gluten-free?

  2. I believe it is. It's made with "glutinous" rice, but that's not the same as gluten.