Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fast Fix: Thai Sloppy Joe

Last night, both my fiance and I were running late from work and didn't have a chance to put the cabbage rolls I prepped this weekend in the oven. Thanks to Vegetarian Times' "Cooking Up a Storm" article, we had plenty of other quick dinner fixes awaiting us. We opted to dig in to the Thai Sloppy Joe recipe.

I served mine on whole wheat bread with shredded savoy cabbage leftover from the cabbage rolls, crushed peanuts and a siracha sauce. My fiance opted for lighter fare and served his lettuce wrap style in savoy cabbage leaves. The sloppy joe mixture was super easy: onion and bell peppers, crumbled tempeh, coconut milk, brown sugar, lime juice and a couple teaspoons of Thai Kitchen's red curry paste. It was great to sit down and share a late night vegan meal with my fiance, and we both agreed this was a recipe we'd make again. In the future, we thought it would be fun to go the route of lettuce wraps with cabbage, sliced cucumbers, fresh basil, peanuts, green onions, etc. When we make it again, we'll cut back on the brown sugar. 

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