Thursday, January 10, 2013

So Saucy!

Lunch salads with my fiance are fun! The winter crunch salad was tasty and satisfying (and a LOT of veggies). Today was his turn and he made "salad with peanut sauce" using the scrumptious How to Cook Everything Peanut Sauce Recipe. This sauce is so ridiculously good. I think you could eat wood, despite what Stephen Colbert says, if you covered it in peanut sauce.

First, salad sans peanut sauce. Looks tasty with the spinach, cabbage, red and green bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots and green onions. Also looks healthy....too healthy. My inner demons are saying "aw man, eating veggies stinks."

Peanut sauce to the rescue!!! It's not just peanut butter, but also lemongrass, garlic, coconut milk, chilis, deliciousness to infinity and beyond. Heat it up and smother the veggies and ta-da these veggies are transformed into something that doesn't look like a veggie salad, yet is chock-full of vegetables.

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