Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Swiss Army Knife

Sometimes greens overwhelm me. They're so big and bushy. So many different varieties, but what to do with them beyond cooking them down in a pan with some garlic and olive oil (maybe add some toasted almonds for texture)? It seems like a lot of work too (even though it's mostly just cutting out the stem) because you've got this huge pile and they cook down to a single serving. This is what often stands between me and a really delicious and nutritious side o' greens. So, I'm laying it down here...demystifying the greens... starting with: swiss chard.

Swiss chard from our Featherstone Farm CSA (green with the magenta stems)

It's the pretty green with the lovely multi-color stems (yellow, white, magenta). The flavor is pretty mellow, maybe a little sour/bitter and salty, but the overwhelming mouthfeel I get from swiss chard is luscious. After trying Vegetarian Times' Wilted Swiss Chard with Fresh Basil, I couldn't stop thinking about how I found a solution to my occasional craving for perfectly done scrambled eggs with that lusciously melt on your tongue creaminess. What a magical green! Especially magical when you consider all the health benefits that makes it second only to spinach in nutrient-richness. It's especially good for blood sugar, anti-inflammation and bone health.

Other ideas for swiss chard:

Vegetarian Times' Sicilian Swiss Chard over Quinoa
Featherstone Farm chard recipes
Giada de Laurentis's goat cheese, lentil and brown rice rolls (vegan version sans parmesan from the inventive vegetarian)
Vegetarian Times' Raw Swiss Chard Veggie Wrap with Creamy Pecan Spread

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