Wednesday, May 16, 2012

NYC Eats

It's been awhile, but I'm back! For the last five days, I've been up and down a small section of the Eastern seaboard (NYC and Boston) catching up with good friends and soaking in city life. My friend moved to NYC in November and upon visiting him I noticed a couple changes in his mindset about food: 1) if the food isn't good, don't eat it because NYC is full of good eats; and 2) a willingness to go way outside his comfort zone (so much so, in fact, we learned 2 out of 3 vegan food experiences were "actually pretty good.")

Here's some of the top eats during my NYC visit:

Champ's Drunken Cowgirl
A fun kitch diner near my friend's apartment serving all vegan options. Is it just me or does the texas toast and daiya cheese make this dish cartoonish? It was ridiculously good regardless. Oh, and I guess I was only a few days late in a star sighting at Champ's. Anne Hathaway is a big fan.

Hangawi's Tofu Kimchi Hot Pot
Kimchi is so good - salty sour with a little kick of heat. Add it to a boiling hot bowl of flavorful broth, mushrooms, tofu and dumplings and call me happy. Ask me to take off my shoes at the door and relax in a quite serene space after a morning of walking around busy NYC and you're mine forever.

Red Bamboo's BBQ Buffalo "Chick'n" Wings
The only thing better than these delectable monster-size vegan chick'n wings was catching up with two college friends who now live in NYC. Friends and wings alike were sweet with a slight spicy edge to them. Must be what life in the big city does to you.

Dun-well Donuts' PB&J and German Chocolate donuts
OMG. Please franchise to University and Hamline in St. Paul. Actually, now that I think about what donuts this good that close to me would mean, stay in NYC. Delicious vegan donuts and superb coffee. Our local vegan donut cooperative should apprentice with the folks at Dunwell. So good.

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